In the Darkness

Lisa and me at her exhibition

Last week, I was lucky enough to see the latest exhibition of the very talented contemporary jeweller Liisa Hishimoto. She was at the gallery in Osaka when I visited so I had a chance to talk to her about her work. 

"In the Darkness" is a series of wearable sculptural pieces that I think look as lovely when worn on the body as they do in the exhibition. Inspired by equipment found in children's playgrounds, her works are both playful and a little somber.

Liisa used a variety of materials such as silver, brass and copper to create her intricately soldered pieces. Many of them are finished in a soft blue-grey acrylic paint. I particularly love this necklace/brooch (left) - you can wear it both ways!!! - as well as these playful earrings (right) which rock back and forth when you touch them. Not just fun to wear but fun to play with!

There is something a little magical and mysterious about the space Liisa creates between her work and the viewer. I like the way that her pieces are presented - on coffee stained boxes (also hand made by Liisa). Delicate line drawings peak out from the edges of the boxes along with snippets of quotes like echoes or memories from childhood. 

La Galerie

The exhibition is currently being held at La Galerie [Glan Fabrique] in Osaka. The building is a traditional Japanese house that's been converted into a gallery and cafe. Inside, exposed wooden beams give the space a slightly dark and cosy atmosphere that suits the theme of the exhibition.

I love the attention to detail that Liisa shows in the display of her work so that everything comes together to complement the jewellery - from the graphics to the display plinths and the delicate metal frames she makes for her pieces to rest on. When displayed like this, the jewellery casts beautiful shadows that look like line drawings come to life.

Liisa opens her studio space in Osaka once a month so I'd really recommend a visit if you want to see more of her work. (This was where I first met her). You can find out more information on her websiteblog or Facebook page.

For her next series, Liisa said she's planning to explore some different techniques and ideas - a bit of a departure from her current work. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with!