Mushroom Buttons (button mushrooms!)

I found these mushroom buttons at my favorite button shop Rollo in Kyoto. I think there’s something a little magical about them! Their silhouette design reminds me of the black and white illustrations you find in some fairy story books.

The buttons are French antique, made of mother of pearl with a layer of red enamel applied to the surface. The cut out design could have been made by etching away parts of the enamel to reveal the shell below. I like that the details on the buttons vary just a little so that each and every one is unique. It makes me wonder if someone carved them by hand.

The buttons came in 3 colours (red, green and blue). I made these red ones into a pair of drop earrings by attaching some bails to the back and hanging them from some of my own handmade sterling silver ear hooks. They feel really light and lovely to wear!

Have you ever seen any buttons like these before?